2nd GHI World Congress on Global Food Safety and Security

Date:  March 18. 2024 to March 20. 2024

Location:  Rotterdam, Netherlands

The 2nd GHI World Congress on Global Food Safety and Security, hosted by the Global Harmonization Initiative (GHI), is a prestigious international event set to take place from March 18 to 20, 2024, in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. This congress will tackle the imperative theme of “Stepping up the Transition of the Global Food System to a Sustainable Future.” It comes at a critical juncture, given the global food system’s shortcomings, such as rising hunger, unaffordable healthy diets for the most vulnerable, and significant food waste. Additionally, the sustainability crisis, including high greenhouse gas emissions and biodiversity loss, necessitates a reset of the world’s food systems.

This congress is designed to unite leading scientists, researchers, policymakers, industry experts, activists, and civil society representatives from around the world. The aim is to foster conversations about the crucial role of science in enhancing food security and safety, which forms the basis for meaningful legislation and regulation. The event will delve into a wide array of topics, ranging from innovations in food safety and security to emerging food industries, personalized nutrition, antimicrobial resistance, food microbiology, and more.

The 2nd GHI World Congress endeavours to shed light on food safety and security issues and the imperative need for food and diet transitions toward a sustainable future. By doing so, it seeks to pave the way for fresh perspectives and practical solutions to ensure the safety and security of global food supply chains.
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