Colab4Food (Affiliated to UTAD)

WP 3, 5, 6, 7

Colab4Food is a non-profit association dedicated to knowledge & technology transfer to the Portuguese Agri-food sector, acting as a bridge between academia and industry as a collaborative model. The main objectives are developing more sustainable food processes, personalized food solutions that improve the consumer’s satiety, health and well-being, new more nutritious foods, and the valorization of agri-food by-products and waste. The main areas of activity of Colab4Food are i) characterization of new ingredients, ii) innovative food formulations that are safe, healthy and increase nutritional value, iii) development and application of new food processing methods and iv) circular economy and sustainability through the promotion of by-products valorisation and intelligent and optimized packaging focused on reducing the use of plastics. Colab4Food’s headquarters are in Vila do Conde, integrated in the facilities of the National Research Institute (INIAV).


Colab4Food is mainly involved in WP 3- Testing of the tools and methodologies, mostly under case studies in Food industries (Fruit and Veggies) and briefly in WP 5 – Strategic actions for FLW reduction, WP 6- Classification of the tools, methodology and reduction actions into a systemic toolbox for replication & WP 7 – Exploitation, communication, dissemination, and food system actor engagement