14th European Nutrition Conference (ENC) FENS 2023

Date:  November 14. to November 17. 2023

Location:  Sava Center Belgrad, Serbia

We extend a warm invitation to the 14th European Nutrition Conference (ENC), taking place in Belgrade, Serbia, from November 14 to 17, 2023. Organized by the Federation of European Nutrition Societies (FENS) and hosted by the Serbian Nutrition Society, this quadrennial conference delves into the vital realm of nutrition. Belgrade, the conference’s host city, was selected during the 13th ENC in Dublin in 2019.

Nutrition, a captivating and influential topic, deeply affects the daily lives and well-being of individuals worldwide. It also forms the core of scientific inquiry and the mission of countless researchers dedicated to unravelling the complexities of a balanced, sustainable diet for all. The ENC’s overarching theme of “bringing science and practice closer” reflects the Scientific Committee’s mission to bridge the gap between nutrition science research and practical application, making a significant contribution to sustainable development goals and addressing health challenges.

The conference will be an in-person gathering, featuring keynote lectures, workshops, symposia, interactive sessions, poster presentations, and industry meet-ups. With a focus on fostering early career researchers and an exhibition for food industry stakeholders, this event offers a holistic experience. Set in the newly renovated Sava Center, Belgrade’s unique charm and rich culinary tradition will add an extra layer of delight to this memorable gathering. Join us for a unique exploration of nutrition, science, research, and the vibrant culture of Belgrade.

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