Iseki Food Association

WP 1, 7, 8

The ISEKI-Food Association (IFA) is an independent European non-profit organisation,
established in 2005 by representatives of university institutions, research institutes,
companies and associations related to food, coming from all over the world. Its mission is to
support lifelong learning in the food sector.

Role in the WASTELESS project

IFA leads the communication and dissemination work package (WP7) to expand project impact through engagement and exchange with actors and user communities by:

  • collaboration with existing and ongoing initiatives for engagement, outreach, and impact throughout food systems, including the development of a knowledge sharing platform, 
  • conceiving, implementing, and updating a living communication and dissemination strategy to raise awareness, share results, and foster interactions, 
  • delivering face-to-face and online learning on FLW measurement tools, 
  • developing strategies for exploitation of project results. 

IFA will establish a common baseline for Member States to monitor the generation of food waste along the food supply chain and to take measures to limit its generation (Task 1.4) by

  • drafting of policy briefs for experts and policy makers, at national and European level 
  • establishing of a Community of Practice for food loss and waste quantification.