Advisory board


Charis M. Galanakis – Director of Food Waste Recovery Group, ISEKI Food Association, Vienna, Austria

Dr. Charis M. Galanakis ( is a multidisciplinary scientist and a Highly Cited Researcher (Clarivate Web of Science, 2019, 2021, 2022) with experience in the food and environmental science and technology, innovation, industry, and academia. He has established the “food waste recovery” discipline and founded the most prominent open innovation network ( worldwide to inspire related professionals to extract high added-value compounds from wasted by-products in all stages of food production and re-utilize them in the food chain. Over the last years, he has been activated in the “future food” field, covering bioeconomy, food security, resilience, sustainability, and food chain digitalization. He is a Distinguished Adjunct Professor at Taif University (Saudi Arabia) in Agricultural Sciences and the Research and Innovation Director of Galanakis Laboratories, Chania, Greece ( He has >25 years of experience analyzing wine, food, beverages, and environmental samples and at consulting-related industries and local producers. Since 2014, he has worked as a freelance expert, evaluator, and monitor of funded projects and proposals (>45 calls) for different bodies, including the European Commission, World Intellectual Property Organization, European Bank for Reconstruction Development, US Department of Agriculture, and the Australian Resource Council, among others. He has served as an invited lecturer at the Technical University of Crete (Greece), Cyprus University of Technology (Cyprus), ISA Lille University (France), and internationally (via the online ISEKI Food Association e-course platform), giving courses on agricultural/food waste treatment, valorization, and recovery. He has been the Editor in Chief of Discover Environment (Springer Nature) since 2022 and Discover Food (Springer Nature) since 2021, editorial board member and subject editor of Trends in Food Science & Technology (Elsevier) since 2021, Food and Bioproducts Processing (Elsevier) since 2015, Food Research International (Elsevier) since 2013, Foods (MDPI) since 2019, Journal of Advanced Research (Elsevier) since 2020, Future Foods (Elsevier) since 2020, Acta Innovations (CBI Pro-Akademia) since 2019, Waste Management in Agroecosystems (Frontiers), and Nutrition Food Science & Technology (Frontiers) since 2016. He has published >290 scientific documents, including >80 scientific articles (research, reviews, and monographs) in ISI Scientific Journals, book chapters, conference presentations, and technical briefs for international organizations, and the edition of >50 multi-author contributing books ( His scientific work has raised interest, reflected by several nominations and >45 invited speeches as keynote speakers and panelists in scientific events.


Deolinda Silva – Executive Director of PortugalFoods, Portugal

Executive Director at PortugalFoods – Portuguese agrifood cluster (2017-present)

Management of Innovation /R&D proposals at National Innovation Agency (2004-2017)

Food Engineering Degree (5-year/licenciature) Catholic University of Portugal (1993)

Leadership role in relationship building between industry and universities, enhancing the economic value of knowledge and technology.

Global expansion of agrifood businesses.  

Transforming agent in innovation collaborative ecosystems.

Patrizia Perego – Department of Civil, Chemical and Environmental Engineering (DICCA), University of Genoa, Genova, Italy

Patrizia Perego PhD, Full Professor of Chemical Plants at University of Genoa. She is member of the National Agricultural Academy and appointed member of the Board of Direction of the National Agricultural Academy. She is appointed member of the Working Party on Education (WPE) of European Federation of Chemical Engineering (EFCE). She is cofounder and President of the Research Center of Biologically Inspired Engineering in Vascular Medicine and Longevity (BELONG), a joint center between the Polytechnic School and the School of Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences of the University of Genoa. From 2012 to 2018 she was Deputy Dean of the Polytechnic School at the University of Genoa. She is also member, from 2016, of the Steering Committee of the School of Excellence of Genova University (IANUA-ISSUGE). Patrizia Perego’s research activity focuses on Food Technology, Biotechnology, and Biomaterials. Her scientific activities count more than 300 scientific publications of which more than 200 on International Journals (11189 citations with h-index of 51; source: Scopus citation). Major collaboration activities are with the University of San Paulo (Brazil), the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Ma, (USA), the Axia Institute of Michigan (USA), and the University of Sydney, Australia.

Nastasia Belc – Director General of The National R&D Institute for Food Bioresources, IBA, Bucharest, Romania

Nastasia Belc, Director General of The National R&D Institute for Food Bioresources, IBA is food senior scientist, PhD, and associate professor to the Faculty of Biotechnology within University of Agronomy and Veterinary Medicine, Bucharest. She is member of Romanian Academy for Agricultural and Forestry Sciences, member of Consultative Council of Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digitalization, Consultative Council of Sustainable Development Department under Romanian Government, Scientific Council of The Sanitary Veterinary Authority and Food Safety and of The Accreditation Council of National Accreditation Body, RENAR. At international level, she is member of SCAR Food System Working Group since 2019 and since 2010 she is nominated by Ministry of Research and Innovation to be member of Governing Board of Food security, Agriculture and Climate Change (FACCE JPI), and of Healthy Diet for a Healthy Life Management Board Joint Programming Initiatives (JPI HDHL). For the last one she is part also of the Steering Committee. Since 2017, she is Romanian Node Representative for the pan-European Research Infrastructure, METROFOOD-RI.

Nathalie Gontard – Research Director at INRAE (National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and Environment)

Nathalie Gontard is Research Director at INRAE (National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and Environment) formerly Professor at the Universities of Montpellier in France and Kyoto in Japan. She is co-author of more than 500 A level papers (h-index 50). She is the promoter and leader of a research group working on “Circular Economy and Plastic pollution in the Agri-Food sector” with a focus on food packaging and plastic waste reduction, eco-efficient and safe food contact materials, modeling and decision support tools, active, circular and nano-technologies bio-based solutions. She is involved in numerous international, national and industrial projects. She is the coordinator of the Horizon Europe and H2020 international Sino-European AGRILOOP ( and NoAW project (, EcoBioCAP FP7 and NextGenPack projects, expert for the European Commission (FETOPEN, NMBP, MSCA…), the FFEM (Fond Français pour l’Environnement Mondial), the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority), “Scientific Breakthrough” INRA’s Award and H2020 “Etoile de l’Europe” for “Climate Change and Environment”, “Chevalier de la Légion d’honneur”, IHEST auditor, strongly involved in science-society interactions.

Contact: +33612231467

Examples of recent publications:

Recognizing the long-term impacts of plastic particles for preventing distortion in decision-making. 2022. Gontard N. , David, G., Guilbert A., Sohn, J. Nature Sustainability, 5, 6, 472 – 478.  

Plastics in a circular economy: Mitigating the ambiguity of widely-used terms from stakeholders consultation. 2022. Aubin S., Beaugrand J., Berteloot I., Boutrou R., Buche P., Gontard N., Guillard V. Environmental Science & Policy, 134, 119-126 

Extending biopolyesters circularity by using natural stabilizers: A review on the potential of polyphenols to enhance Poly(hydroxyalkanoates) thermal stability while preserving its biodegradability. 2022. Bonnenfant C., Gontard, N. Aouf C., Polymer Testing, 110, 107561. 

Oxygen Scavenging Hybrid Nanostructure: Localization of Different Iron Nanoparticles on Montmorillonite Clays Host. 2022. Khederlou K., Bagheri, Shojaei, Gontard N., Tamsilian. ACS OMEGA, 7, 19, 16391-16401

Active packaging films containing antioxidant extracts from green coffee oil by-products to prevent lipid oxidation. 2022. Vidal O. L., Barros Santos M. C., Batista A. P., Andrigo F. F., Baréa B., Lecomte J., Figueroa-Espinoza M. C., Gontard N., Villeneuve P., Guillard V., Rezende C. M., Bourlieu-Lacanal C., Larraz Ferreira M. S. Journal of Food Engineering, 312, 110744.

3D Modelling of Mass Transfer into Bio-Composite. 2022. Kabbej M., Guillard V., Angellier-Coussy H., Wolf C., Gontard N., Gaucel S. Polymers, 13 (14), 2257.

Bioinspired co-polyesters of hydroxy-fatty acids extracted from tomato peel agro-wastes and glycerol with tunable mechanical, thermal and barrier properties. 2021. Marc M., Risani R., Desnoes E., Falourd X., Pontoire B., Rodrigues R., Escórcio R., Batista A. P., Valentin R., Gontard N., Silva Pereira C., Lopez C., Leroy E., Lourdin D., Marion D., Bakan B. Industrial Crops and Products, 170, 113718.

A research challenge vision regarding management of agricultural waste in a circular bio-based economy. 2018. Gontard, N., Sonesson, U., Birkved, M., Majone, M., Bolzonella, D., Celli, A., Angellier-Coussy, H., Jang, G.W.; Verniquet, A.; Broeze, J.; Schaer, B.; Batista, A.P.; Sebok, A. Critical Reviews In Environmental Science and Technology, 48(6), 614–654.