SDU - Syddansk Universite

WP 1, 4, 6, 7, 8

SDU (University of Southern Denmark) Life Cycle Engineering places great emphasis on education and research in the pursuit of global sustainability. Being committed to developing a comprehensive understanding of the long-term impact of technologies and systems on a global scale, SDU Life Cycle Engineering’s goal is to develop the knowledge and methods for achieving this insight. Towards this goal, SDU Life Cycle Engineering is devoted to providing decision makers with valuable materials to make informed decisions about the construction, maintenance, operation, recycling, and end-of-life management of infrastructure, agriculture systems, and industrial processes and systems for our future.


  • Leader of WP 1 Transversal community of practice and framework for measurement and monitoring of FLW. 
  • Leader of Task 1.2. Improved framework for FLW measurement & monitoring.
  • Leader of Task 4.3. Comparability of the data collected & harmonization.
  • Leader of Task 4.4. Integration into a consistent framework for modelling FLW.
  • Leader of Task 6.1: Environmental sustainability and social impact analysis.