FLW monitoring system

The project will develop various technical innovations that will be used to measure FLW. These tools are the following:

  1. WASTELESS Open access Blockchain
  2. Surplus Stock Measurement and Management Tool
  3. AI-based data driven approach for FW measurement
  4. Computer vision-based image analysis
  5. New packaging/food products for unavoidable FLW

More information about these innovations will be published as the project progresses.

Decision support toolbox

As one size doesn’t fit all, the decision support toolbox will enable all FSC actors to engage in the FLW measuring and monitoring with personalised digital tools and methodologies adapted to their specific food commodities, stages of the supply chain and geographical location. The solutions will be described and documented in a unified way, easy to implement, and presented with a user-friendly interface to allow for wide-spread general use and maximise its uptake.

Roadmap for data collection hub

Roadmap for data collection hub replication, developed within the WASTELESS project, is based on the outcomes of the decision support toolbox. The road map will incorporate a set of guidelines and bests practices to reduce Food Loss and Waste (FLW). These recommendations will ensure that all food actors can reduce FLW in a fast and efficient approach.