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WIISE Srl (Workable Ideas and Initiatives for a Sustainable Economy) is a benefit company that manages the sites and activities of GIFT (Great Italian Food Trade) and FARE (Food and Agriculture Requirements), as well as supporting the non-profit association Égalité. WIISE is engaged in research and development projects, with the hope of being able to help move closer to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in UN Agenda 2030. FARE division offers technical-legal and regulatory advice on aspects of commercial information and product labeling, food safety and risk management, from the analysis phase of emerging risks to the mitigation of their effects. Domestic and international contracting, protection of industrial property rights. And finally, initiatives and programs to protect and defend the interests represented. WIISE is also active through GIFT and Food Times (soon to be launched), in the field of free and public information on issues related to agri-food supply chains, sustainability and responsibilities in socio-environmental, nutrition and health, and animal welfare.

In the Wasteless project, WIISE is one of the inventors and most involved partners, with a strong commitment on the following tasks:

  •  Identification of the regulation framework on FLW;
  •  Technological development of the Blockchain system;
  •  Validation of food and fees products as Novel Food;
  •  Supporting exploitation of common EU FLW streams;
  •  Dissemination and communication of the results obtained.

Website: foodagriculturerequirements.com

Website: greatitalianfoodtrade.it