SETBIR - Tuerkiye Suet Et Gida Sanayicileri Ve Uereticileri Birligi Dernegi

WP 1, 3, 6, 7

Union of Dairy, Beef, Food Industrialists and Producers of Turkey (SETBIR), which has been operating since 1976 for the aim of developing dairy and meat industries, is Turkey’s umbrella civil society organization in this area. SETBIR has identified the raw material problem, food security, food waste and loss and the fight against the informal economy as priority issues in all these activities. SETBIR, a non-profit association based in Ankara, provides its members with new production technologies through national and international projects. Our mission is by keeping abreast of dairy and meat sectors in Turkey and in world, to be the most active non-governmental organization that keeps the stakeholders of the sector in interaction and communication with each other.


  •  Conducting to measure and monitor losses and wastes in the food supply chain at the national level.
  •  Determining to existing agencies, monitoring and measurement methods, and legislative status.
  •  Contributing to testing of the tools and methodologies in various case studies across the food supply chain.
  •  Taking part in the development of strategies for promoting the project, raising awareness, maintaining communication activities, and using the project results.