GVTARRA (affiliated to CTIC CITA) - Conservas Hijos De Manuel Sanchez Basarte Sa

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Gvtarra, the Spanish leading brand of vegetable solutions is part of a larger group named “The Real Green Food Co”. 

At The Real Green Food Co. we want to contribute to people’s health and well-being by offering innovative and competitive plant solutions that respect the naturalness of food and are adapted to the lifestyle of consumers. We stand up to ‘fake food’ with real values ​​and we want to contribute to the growth of the vegetable protein culture.

Some figures about TheReal

TheReal elaborate only 100% vegetable products, we have three business units, specialized in the production of preserve vegetables, pulses and fresh mushrooms. We sell our products under four brands (Gvtarra, JA’E, Ayecue, Viter). We have eight production facilities in La Rioja, Navarra and Cuenca, we employ 850 people, we are present in 60 countries, in 2022 our production plants transformed 24.9 million kilos of vegetables reaching a turnover of 69 million euros. However, our ethical and socially responsible values are The Real factor that moves our company. It is on the basis of these premises that we want to stand up against the lies and dangers of ultra-processed foods and contribute to the health and well-being of people. We sum up our philosophy in these five principles

  1. Local supply

At TheReal we are committed to the areas where our plants are located and to promoting the rural environment. 80% of our products come from crops in Navarra, La Rioja and Cuenca, where our plants are located.

  1. Quality Guaranteed

We meet new challenges to increase the quality standards of our products. We are committed to technology and innovation to simplify processes and ensure the naturalness of our products. The Real wants to have an active role in the changes that are taking place in consumer habits and the food industry

  1. Eco-healthy diet

We know that sustainability requires sustainable attitudes. Among them, eating more plant-based foods. Health for the consumer and health for the planet. At Real we contribute to the growth of the protein culture, offering solutions that satisfy the daily nutritional needs of a person with a low caloric intake.

  1. Authentic and exciting flavours

We stand up to ‘fake food’ with real values ​​and food. We make healthy, tasty and exciting plant-based products. Much more exciting than the ultra-processed ones. We have more than one hundred products ready for consumption in any situation.

  1. Easy to use and accesible

We want to meet the consumer beyond the supermarket’s shelves. Being were they are. Our challenge is to offer products that are adapted to the customer’s schedules and routines. The Real products are easy to prepare and consume. Packaging comes from sustainable materials


Our role at Wasteless

Our main task as primary food producers is to test all the innovative tools and set of decision-support tools developed within the project, in our range of products and across our supply chain.