Regioneo, a user-friendly e-commerce solution specifically designed for primary producers

By: Pierre Tubiana
From: Agence BM-Services

Digital solutions are reshaping our consumption habits, creating new connections between producers and consumers. Developed by BM Services as part of the SISTERS project, Regioneo is an E-commerce prototype that empowers farmers to market and sell their surplus and unsold products directly to consumers alongside their common products. It boasts comprehensive features for setting up an E-Commerce site in just one day.

Following its launch, Regioneo is undergoing a testing phase to refine its functionalities. During this period, the service is available free of charge to the initial group of producers who sign up, providing them with an unique opportunity to explore its features and benefits. Let’s take a look at its main features and benefits.

Website creation
Regioneo equips each producer with a personalised, mobile-friendly website. This includes an online catalogue, a contact form, Google Maps integration, business hours, email and phone contact information, and social network links. Customisable with the
producer’s chosen colours and images, the website serves as a digital storefront for their business.

An e-commerce website enables producers to promote short-dated or imperfectly shaped products more effectively. Effective SEO strategies, combined with marketing at different levels (social media for example), can expand customer reach while
simultaneously reducing food waste and loss.

Access everywhere and control of online offers
With a dedicated app, producers can stay updated on new orders and manage their online catalogue, tracking orders and enquiries from the contact form, from any device.

Regioneo offers producers the capability to manage their product listings in real-time, allowing them to instantly publish or hide products, ensuring that only those items currently available are displayed for sale. Anticipating a bountiful harvest? Producers can pre-sell products, adapting their pricing daily to reflect market trends and stock

Short supply chain sales development
Regioneo facilitates direct sales from producers to consumers, cutting out middlemen. This direct link not only allows producers to retain a greater portion of the sales revenue but also fosters more intimate customer relationships. This direct approach ensures that consumers receive fresh, quality products, enhancing trust and loyalty.

Producers can specify collection points and times for their products, while customers can choose their preferred pickup locations and times. For delicate items, producers have the option to limit collections to specific areas.

Communication kit
Upon joining, every producer gains access to various integrated communication tools, including QR code generation, designed to facilitate customers’ online order. Producers can display these at their physical sales events or distribute flyers embedded with QR codes, which encourages customers to browse the full catalogue and allows them to place
orders efficiently.

BM Services provides ongoing support for setting up the e-commerce site and assists producers in leveraging all available features to maximise their online presence. For more information about Regioneo, please visit:

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