Sustainable Growth is the key theme in Anuga 2023

Sustainable Growth is the key theme in Anuga 2023

By: Tamás Szallabek

From: VIMOSZ (Hungarian Hospitality Employers’ Association)

The global food industry is facing major challenges: With a growing population of around 10 billion people by 2050, there is also rising demand for foodstuffs. At the same time, the threat of global climate change, water and energy shortages and the loss of biological diversity are putting pressure on the agriculture and food industry. Economic and humanitarian effects, such as disrupted supply chains as a result of the Ukrainian/Russian conflict as well as increasing energy and food costs are aggravating the situation further. In the face of this intricate web of issues, the urgent need for visionary product innovations and sustainable interventions to revolutionize the global food system has never been more compelling.


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This is precisely what Anuga is picking up on with this year’s key theme “Sustainable Growth”. Far more than a mere showcase, this influential global gathering serves as a major platform for catalysing change and incubating groundbreaking ideas. The trade fair, which attracts important stakeholders and innovators from every corner of the industry, is augmented by an ambitious array of congresses and events designed to foster interesting dialogues and invaluable networking opportunities.

Additionally, the trade fair has been focusing on food waste as well. This year they cooperate again with Germany’s food bank, Tafel to raise awareness of the topic. Also, visitors will be able to contribute to reducing food waste by making donations. 

Sustainable food is in the interests of the consumers: According to a current survey by the Anuga knowledge partner, Innova Market Insights, they place the reduction of food waste at the top of their list of environmentally-conscious measures. Almost half of the consumers (46 percent) actively assert themselves for the reduction of food waste, whilst 36 percent direct their efforts towards recycling, upcycling and reusing products. Beyond this, almost 9 out of ten consumers sometimes take the environment into account when choosing their food.

Anuga will take place from 7 to 11 October 2023, as usual in Cologne.

You can learn more about the trade fair on their website:

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