FOLOU Project is looking for experts to debate and discuss about key topics related to Food Loss

Among others, one of the main contributions expected from the FOLOU project in the long term is that it will help to promote the harmonization between regions of the methodologies to record the Food Loss in the primary sector.

To achieve this objective, the project consortium is working to build consensus around important issues related to Food Losses:

Define and harmonize the system boundaries of FL. By stablishing a consensus for a common FL definition at the European level as a starting point, sought to distinguish such losses from food waste, by-products, and animal feed.

Develop a methodology for FL measurement. A common methodology in the EU countries defining where, how, when and what FL should be quantified for all case studies. Through this initiative, the project seeks to provide vital guidance for partners and potentially influence future European legislation on food loss and waste reduction.

Develop Category Rules for the sustainability assessment of FL. Including the environmental assessment, economic and social (LCA, LCC and SLCA), to evaluate their impacts and create a sustainability assessment tool.

Support key actors of the food value chain in strengthening their capacity to manage FL. Focusing on stakeholders’ capacity building and knowledge sharing through the FOLOU Learning Centre.

Analyse the legislation in some EU Member States regulating Food Losses. To be conscious about the current state of the legislation and policies related with FL, and to identify gaps that could be filled from evidence-based recommendations. .

If you are interested in sharing knowledge in one of these topics click the link below and get engaged with FOLOU project:

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